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Superior Street Reconstruction

Season Two!

Phase 2 is anticipated to start in the spring of 2019 and will go from the eastern side of Lake Ave to 4th Ave East. Additional details are provided at

The PowerPoint presentation of the Season Two meeting on February 13, 2019 can be viewed here.


Season One:

In the spring of 2018, the city embarked upon a three-year reconstruction project on Superior Street. With an anticipated cost of $31.5 million, the project will replace the brick pavers with concrete and will be designated lanes for motorized traffic and pedestrian use.

Work in 2018 focuses on the segment between 7th Avenue West and 3rd Avenue West. In 2019, the project shifts to the other end of Superior Street, between Lake Avenue and 4th Avenue East. In 2020, the project will shift to the segment of Superior Street between 3rd Avenue West and Lake Avenue. Here is a video celebrating the Shaping of Superior Street.

It's Time to Celebrate:

The City of Duluth, the Greater Downtown Council along with the downtown businesses, contractors and community members will celebrate the transformation of the first phase of Superior Street on October 30, 2018 at 10 AM at the intersection of 4th Ave West and Superior Street. The public is welcome to attend. This year's Phase 1 project stretched from 7th Ave West up to but not including the 3rd Ave West intersection.

Significant underground utility upgrades and hot water lines for a new energy efficient closed loop heating system were installed. The community will also enjoy new wider pedestrian areas, parking lanes with new pay stations, new concrete driving surfaces, and contemporary amenities such as downcast lighting fixtures, banner poles, benches and planters. Trees will be planted in spring 2019. Mayor Emily Larson and Kristi Stokes (Greater Downtown Council), will be joined by State Legislators, City staff and representatives with LHB, Duluth Energy Systems, Northland Constructors, construction unions, and subcontractors who worked on this project.

A special performance is planned by the Harbor City International School String Band. Light refreshments will be provided courtesy of Starbucks and Great Harvest Bread Company. The community is also encouraged to visit the businesses located in Phase 1 project area, many of whom will be hosting open houses on October 30th and offering treats for "trick or streeters" of all ages!

Superior St. Kick off 4-12-18-Vimeo from Greater Downtown Council


Weekly Construction Meetings

Weekly Construction Meetings are open to the Public and are every Tuesday, 10 am at the Radisson.