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Our Intern Visits Solve Entertainment

August 14, 2017

Our summer intern, Kaylie Brooks (UMD), visits Solve Entertainment in Downtown Duluth with her friends and tells us all about it...

"One Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to experience all of the magic of Solve Entertainment. A couple of my friends and I had signed up to participate in one of their escape rooms to see what it was all about. We prepared ourselves and our minds for the mystery we were about to uncover. The Vanishing Act was the name of the escape room and we had 60 minutes to discover all of the secrets hidden inside and to find the masked magician before his sold-out encore performance. Lance, our guide, set the stage and put us into character to solve the mystery. He led us into a small, dim-lit room and closed us in. We slowly found clues to help us get one step closer to finding the masked magician. There were a couple of times we thought we came to a dead end, but with the help of our magic wand, we were able to uncover some more hints. As a team, we each used our strengths and took advantage of every clue and tool we were given. With 3 seconds left to spare, we had finally found the masked magician and solved the mystery!

We all had a blast playing the game and solving the mystery! It was both thrilling and entertaining trying to find all of the clues in just under 60 minutes. The staff did a great job setting up the room and connecting all of the clues. Being a first-time escape room participant, I had no idea what to expect and it blew me away with how fun it was. I would definitely recommend heading over to Solve Entertainment to try out their escape rooms for yourself!"