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Superior Street Reconstruction

The "Season Two" Superior Street Reconstruction public kickoff event was held in front of the Tech Village between Lake Avenue and 1st Avenue E on Monday, April 8th.


The public heard speeches from Mayor Emily Larson, Kristi Stokes with the Greater Downtown Council,  and Christine Seitz from the NorShore Theatre.


The City of Duluth is excited to kickoff the next season of transformation in downtown Duluth.  Superior Street will undergo the second of three phases of construction to install improved utilities, energy efficient closed loop hot water heat system, and streetscape amenities that cater to more pedestrian

activity and enjoyment.


The second phase extends from east of Lake Avenue to west of 4th Avenue E.


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The PowerPoint presentation of the Season Two meeting on February 13, 2019 can be viewed here.

View the 2019 FAQ .



Superior St. Kick off 4-12-18-Vimeo from Greater Downtown Council


Weekly Construction Meetings

Weekly Construction Meetings are open to the Public and are every Tuesday, 10 am at the Radisson.