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Experiencing Transformation First Hand... Northland Special Events.

November 6, 2018

Experiencing Transformation First Hand….Northland Special Events by Mariah McKechnie

We vividly remember that day back in April when the Superior Street reconstruction project started its epic transformation process. It wasn’t the loud clanging or the ground shaking that caught our attention most, but rather the street lamps as the cranes lowered them to the ground, loaded them on trucks and drove them away. The changes to come truly resonated in that moment. Over the past 6 months at Northland Special Events, located at 314 & 324 W. Superior Street, our front row seat to the daily transformations of road construction had us thinking about the transformations we undertake every single week…

On a weekly basis, we transform blank spaces into beautiful, personalized environments designed to invoke celebration, joy, and memory making. Sometimes those spaces start out stunning - like The Greysolon Ballroom, for example. Of course, we've seen the incredible ballroom in hundreds of different color palettes and configurations, but let's face it, without a stitch of anything extra that place is drop dead gorgeous.

Now, the Curl Mesabi Curling Club in Eveleth? That takes miracle workers. Earlier this summer, we accepted the challenge to transform the enormous, concrete and metal box into a fairytale wedding venue for a phenomenal couple, Kristina & Derek. I'm proud to say, I think we nailed it!



Photo Credit - One:One Creative

So what did it take to make their dreams come true and transform the space?

1,500 sq. feet of drapery

5 Crystal Chandeliers

300 Gold Damask Chair Covers

75 table linens

3 Scissor lifts

96 hours of NSE power

300 feet of steel cord

True grit and determination.

And then we take it all down…one piece at a time - lowered, folded, packed up and transported back to our offices to be cleaned and prepped for next week’s scheduled transformations. We leave the venue just as we found it and we move on to our next location. We have this process down like a well-oiled machine, just like those we have seen daily on Superior Street.

The process of transformation truly has no end, just a new day, new location, and new medium. A mantra we commonly use at NSE is “Progress = Happiness” and the transformations we inspire and carry out in our world bring us and our clients tremendous happiness through their progress. No doubt, as we watched the new street lamps hoisted into their new homes while construction workers finished our new sidewalk, we couldn't help but be overjoyed and full of happiness!

Northland Special Events offers event planning, design, décor and floral services for events of all shapes and sizes throughout the region. Visit our website at or give us a call at (218) 499-9449 to discuss your next special event transformation!