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A City We All Love to Call Home

February 7, 2018

Do you know someone out there who is in search of a new city to call home? Many cities across the country are looking to attract professionals who will establish themselves, their families, and their skills right within their city limits.

If Duluth were a single person wanting to attract just the right person, Duluth’s personal ad might look something like this: ISO cool vibes, music lover, culturally interested—must love theater, ballet, symphony as much as you love a really great beer and local music. Must be active! Avid runner, hiker, biker? Yes, please. Enjoy dining out and taking long walks along the shore. Work hard, play harder. Are you out there?

Just like companies look for candidates that will fit well into their culture, people look for cities and cultures that fit well with them. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn't. But, I’ll tell you that I’m a little biased about this particular cultural fit. Duluth has run away with headlines, TV spots, and magazine feature stories in the last several years when people are talking about the next “it” place.

But, seriously, for a minute: cities thrive when there’s a good match made between people living there and what’s available to them. Like any good relationship, there has to be enough in common to make you want to stay and work hard at it.

Duluth works hard at its part in the relationship. Cities with culture and creativity contribute to higher economic growth, especially for cities with low-income people. The size of a city doesn’t determine its performance, either. Duluth’s number of artists of all kinds is outsized per capita than many larger cities.

Access to the arts and diverse culture define the livability of our cities. Smart cities take advantage of promoting their culture to attract the right partners, so to speak—retaining and nurturing creative workforces and dynamic personalities that ultimately contribute to the life of their city.

Our downtown is thriving. That’s been said so many times by so many and it’s well deserved. But, is it a match for you? Our music, restaurants, entrepreneurs, coffee, trails, lake, symphony, theater, and performing arts culture are accessible and welcome. These are treasured benefits for people who work hard and play harder. There are few places with a bustling downtown business corridor where, in just moments, you can walk onto a scene like the Lakewalk, where all the stress melts away with a lake breeze.

Not only does the city have so much to offer culturally and naturally, but there’s a supportive business community here where people from all business backgrounds can be valuable resources for those just starting out and for those looking for advice on expanding or even for those expanding their business here from other locations. In many ways, Duluth is that city with real small-town appeal and relationships. Organizations like the Greater Downtown Council are valuable resources for everyone in our business district here. Make sure you have a great support system when you start a relationship with your new city.

All of this makes a match if I ever saw one. It’s why you should want to work here, play here, thrive here. Duluth is that city you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’re ISO amazing opportunities and a relationship with room to grow long into the future, hey, I’ve got just the right place for you.

Shelley Jones, of Jones Group of Duluth, is a commercial real estate broker based in Duluth and is a board member of the Greater Downtown Council.